A Grace Shaped Life

Beachy Beach Love Note | January 2019

Dear BB’s,

When we extend grace to others, we think we are helping the recipient
and yes to an extent we are, but the magic happens in us. Grace is a
gift when given fills your whole heart up with love. -Karen Key Smith

I wanted to write about the power of grace in our lives and how it
impacts the receiver as well as the giver. I saw the beginning of a
chapter by Max Lucado and it read…. Grace shaped life!!! It hit me….
Yes that is it!!!, What does a life look like that is shaped by the
power of grace?

I have to use a disclaimer because even though I am hyper aware of the
power and the essence of grace, I sometimes fall short of my attempt
to live a life shaped and formed by grace. So grace is my goal even if
I miss the mark at times!!! I am sure you can think of times in your
life where someone was gracious to you and also a time where you
extended grace to someone. In either instance it changes your day and
gives you a sense of love and peace that is beyond comprehension. It
sets in motion a chain of events that has the power to make a
difference in our world and our view of the world.

A silly example for me was my husbands continuous show of grace
towards me when I could NEVER seem to keep up with my keys, was
FOREVER losing pair after pair of EXPENSIVE glasses, constantly
misplacing most anything that did not have an alarm connected to it. I
would be so frustrated with myself and instead of joining in on my
frantic refrain, he was patient and gracious. Instead of saying , “Oh
Lord Karen why in the world can you not keep up with things?” He would
smile and say:” Sweet angel, that is just a part of you and there is
so much more to you than you being scatterbrained. You are perfect
just as you are!”

I know what grace looks and feels like because I lived in a home that
was filled with grace. And for me it was the deepest kind of love and
acceptance and I was able to experience it on a daily basis. Grace
enabled me to be a better person. A friend shared this about Hugh and
I could not have said it better; “Your precious husband exemplified
the most incredible grace I have ever witnessed. Non-judgmental
despite peoples failures and bad choices he offered the kindness and
acceptance all of us want and need.”

Maybe you are in the car and someone cuts you off in traffic and you
want to give them a finger, why not extend your love instead. Take a
moment of grace and say a prayer for them that they get to their
location safely. Take it a step further and ask God to bless them and
if there is stress in their life calm them. You will notice that if
you respond in this way, rather than being angry you will find
yourself smiling. And maybe just maybe when you quite by accident, cut
someone off they too, will give that same grace to you.

Perhaps someone owes you money and you know that by extending grace to
them you would give them peace and help them rebound from something
that has held them back. Maybe just maybe the forgiveness of the dept
would allow abundance to come into your life and allow this person to
breathe and have peace.

I know that a grace shaped life changes your heart. It is much like
giving love, the more you give it the more you have!!! The more you
extend grace to others the more peace you have. The more you extend
grace to others, you allow your life to be peaceful, harmonious, and

I have also noticed that grace allows me to be more of whom God
designed me to be. It allows me to know that I can make mistakes, I
can take risks, I can strive to be more without the fear of reprisal
or judgement. I pray that we will, you will, we all will have a life
that is more shaped by grace.

So thank you so much for the grace that all of you extend to me in my
life …….so undeserved but oh so appreciated.
I adore you all!!!!


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