Are You Pregnant? And other Questions you best not ask!!

Beachy Love note January 2020

Am I what????

Are you pregnant? Are you sick? Are you tired? You look tired. Just a few things are best kept to yourself. It only takes one time to ask a NON pregnant woman if she is pregnant to cure you OR IT SHOULD!!!! I have determined that unless someone is pushing out a baby and the doctor is cutting  the cord, I am not asking that question EVER!!! I mean EVER, NEVER.

I have a close friend that has developed that after marriage pooch and that question comes at her on a regular basis. She is super sweet but I imagine she wants to SCREAM!!!!  Don’t worry babe, you won’t get that question from me. Nor will you get the other two dreaded questions/statements.

On the same line of reasoning or non reasoning as it were is THIS,  one of my faves. Are you tired? You look tired!!! What the hell, I mean really seriously over the moon what the hell do you expect someone to say to that. Why thanks for noticing.  I was kind of feeling good about myself, thought I was kind of cute, thought my makeup was spot on. But now that you ask, Heck yeah I guess I could be tired.  A sweet friend today okay I will tell you who. Angie had a great comeback for that.  She said that the only way you can get away with asking that question or making that comment is if you follow it with:  “ How about I take your kids for a day, or help you clean your house, maybe cook a meal.” Now if that thoughtless statement was followed by that then perhaps we could still be friends!!!

Something that happened in real-time and in my real world this week emphasized the power of our words in the saying and the receiving..  A friend whom I adore asked me if I was sick. That I looked sick. Mind you I thought I was having a good hair day and was so proud of my lash boost, happy RODAN eyelashes and thought I was this side of adorable. But what did I do? I did the human thing. I disregarded all the compliments and I focused on that one statement. I kept looking in the mirror to see what she was talking about. Thankfully I did not see it, but I sure did carry that with me the rest of the day. Heck I must still be carrying it today since I am telling you about it!!!

So lets flip this narrative. Not only do we need to be gracious in what we say to people, we need to receive what people say to us in a gracious unassuming manor. And if we do assume, let’s assume the best.  I am pretty close to 100 percent sure that all of these sweet peeps are coming from either a place of excitement, a place of concern and care and never a place of ill-intent.

I am so thankful for the conversations, the sometimes serious, the many times silly but always coming from a place of love from me to you!!!!  Thanks for adding so much value to my life.

Loving you so very much with every bit of me,


Ps. I am not pregnant, I am not sick but I could be tired!!!!

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