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Fail Big or Go Home…… Beachy Love Note September 2018

Beachy Beach September Love Note

(Originally published 9/11/2018)

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

As many of you know, Lacey and I spend the first moments of our day reading, praying, and writing. We many times go off on a tangent, (insert gasp) and we talk about historical figures and great men and women who have plowed through difficulties and extreme setbacks. I have found that if you will stay true to your vision and mission, your setbacks can become a set up!!!!

Winston Churchill was quite a character. Super eccentric, quite intelligent, and very misunderstood, but yet, here we are talking about him and remembering him as a great man in history. It did not start out that way as he did very poorly in school and bypassed higher university and went to military school. He was odd by most people’s standards and quite the nap taker. The story has it that Churchill was so rigid with his schedule he said he could not meet with the King at 4:00 because that was his nap time, and he did not waver from nap time.

So to my point. Churchill, like many leaders, was a visionary and believed passionately in the causes before him. Sadly, his course in history was mired by the unsuccessful plan to invade the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey in 1915 where many lives were lost. Because of this, and perhaps his quirky nature, he was greatly distrusted. This failure set him up for one failure after another, but he did not let up in his pursuit to keep Nazi Germany at bay. He did not let that failure define him but rather refine him to be the man he was called to be.

He felt strongly that the only way to withstand the onslaught was to Fight to the Victory, but he was lonely in this pursuit. The people believed he was trying to redeem himself and did not believe he was sincere. History proved him right and noble, but oh, how fickle people are because they never really gave him his due until it was in the rear view mirror.

I am so thankful that there are men and women in our past and in our present who do what is right and what is before them without regard to popularity or men’s esteem. I am thankful that there are men and women who are true to their vision. I am thankful that leaders know that success comes after many, many failures so it is my belief that FAILING BIG should be our goal.

My takeaway after having this history fun-filled conversation is that Churchill, although not what the people wanted, he was exactly what they needed. He did not let all the negativity all around him stop him from pursuing his goals!! He did not listen to the naysayers.

NEVER, EVER LET ANYONE’S DOUBT IN YOU OR YOUR VISION STOP YOU. PRESS FORWARD, SET YOUR SIGHTS ON WHAT GOD PUT YOU HERE TO DO. I assure you that the people who are doing nothing in this life are busy trying to tell other folks that it can’t be done. While that is happening, let’s just go out and DO IT!!

I am so proud of all you and so thankful that you are setting your sights high and your love for each other, higher still.

With the Greatest of Love,


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