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From the Abundance of our Heart, more than we deserve

Beachy Beach October Love Note

“If those that owe us nothing gave us nothing, how poor we would be?” ~ Antonio Porchia

I have heard folks say, “Well he is just getting what he deserves,” Or, “I will help those who have helped me,” or even God helps those who help themselves and all such as that. For me and my heart and my hope of an abundant life filled with more grace than I derserve and more hope than I can I imagine…… I am so thankful I get so much more than I deserve!!! I hope you do too.

If I got only what I deserved and you too for that matter, what a sad and empty life that would be. I am thankful that Grace is here and now and we are witnessing it in our County and surrounding counties on a daily basis. I am watching people use their gifts and talents to reach out to people they have never met or may never meet again. I am pretty sure none of them are stopping to measure whether they deserve it or if there is anything of merit for the giver. They are giving out of pure grace and love.

The beauty of all this giving is that it sets a spiritual principle into effect…. you just simply can not give all of your love and hope away. Each time you give it, it bounces back exponentially to you. Pastor Wayne shared this on Sunday and it resonated in the deepest part of me; “None of us can give away more than we can be blessed by that giving.”

I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40, 45, NIV)

It is true that we are in an overwhelming state of being after this storm but I am convinced that through this catastrophe there will arise a better community. If we do not give into fear and tap into our potential which is infinite then we will build a more vital economy. We just have to live in the meantime and each of us must continue to give of our selves and our talents. With all of us loving and helping each other there is absolutely NO way that we will not build a stronger tomorrow.

I have learned through the years not to give into worry or fear, I have learned not to borrow trouble, I have learned that I truly have been given more than I ever deserved!!! I have also learned that my love to others must be freely given. I have also learned that history tells me that as long as there is breath and hope and love around me there is NOTHING THAT CAN NOT BE ACCOMPLISHED!!!! Together we are a powerful bunch!

I love my home, I love my business, I love my family, I love my community with all of my heart. My heart overflows with all the acts of kindness and selflessness that are an everyday occurrence in our hometown. I have never been so proud to live and work and love in this place.

With all the love that is in me I give it to you,


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