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It is Hard to see with my eyes on me!

Beachy Beach January Love Note

(Originally Published January 24, 2017)

I so love the beginning of the new year!!!! It is pure excitement for me. I just love to think of all the blessings that I had the year before and all the lessons learned and all the sweet people that loved me at every turn. Because of this gratitude, it is my expectation that the next year will be filled with more of the same!!!! But as we start this new adventure together because there are so many things to be grateful for how do I start my love note for this year? As I was thinking about what I want more of I realized, I want to see more clearly the needs of others and the empty places that need to be filled that can only be accomplished by me….. By all of us doing what we are put here to do.

The late singer Keith Green said it perfectly when he said, “It is hard to see if my eyes are on me.” I believe that for me to see the bigger picture of this lovely life, I have to take the focus of my life off of just me and my needs. What can I do to make the world a better place for those around me? How can I add joy to another? How can I ease a hurt? How can I spread more joy, more light?
Much of doing this has been embedded in my philosophy of my life and our company at Beachy Beach. “The only People we have to get even with are those that have helped us.” I have found if I am faced with a situation in our business and gosh knows that often happens in this business…. I stop and ask myself that question. There is no honor in trying to get even the way the world thinks about getting even. If I return a hurt for a hurt, then it never ends but if I return kindness for a kindness then that never ends either. I know which one I want to continue. As we focus on our business for the year, I believe that if we think about the good that we can do for those around us with our time, money and other resources we will find more creativity, more prosperity than we can imagine. There is a magic that happens in our hearts and our souls when we are trying to be a part of a loving solution.
Remember the feeling you have at Christmas when you help someone less fortunate when you are a little kinder because tis the season….. There is no reason to stop now. We can carry that light on into the rest of the year, one day at a time, one person at a time. WE can let our prayer be. Let us see more clearly! Let us love more!! Give more! Enjoy more and share more of ourselves with the world around us.
The really really cool thing about this formula is that when you give more…… you actually end up with more of what matters. You end up with a life of substance. You end up with a life filled with things that can not be taken away by anyone at anytime. My heart is so full as I write this first love note of the year to you. I know that it is not by chance that you choose to be at this company with me. It is such an honor to lead and to love you, and I will never stop thanking you for being on this adventure with me.
Karen Smith

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