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Lacey’s Chrismas Poem to Karen

We all had such a wonderful time at Camp Helen celebrating the Joys of Christmas – Beachy Beach Style. Karen (aka Mama Bear) handing out presents, fellowship among sweet coworkers and friends and the best pot luck dinner eating ever.

And then if that wasn’t enough wonderfulness, this happened. Lacey read a poem she wrote for Karen (aka Mama Bear  aka Mrs. Crazy Lady).  It was so touching that we insisted on putting it on the world wide web forever. Before reading, keep in mind what our Beachy Beach motto is, “The only people we have to get even with are those who have helped us”. Enjoy!

Merry Chrismtas Mrs. Crazy Lady!

Twas the night before Christmas somewhere at the beach

A pretty lady was writing affirmations to teach

Writing each word with precision and care

A book full of love notes she was ready to share

The grandkids were snuggled all warm in their beds

With Scarlett and CeeCee snoozing close by their heads

A pause of reflection, a look back on the years

She can hardly believe it… How did she get here?

How did she go from life as a single mother of three?

To a successful, awesome broker? Seriously. How could this be?

From being a teacher with a broken-down car

To be a community leader and a realtor rockstar

She smiles through each challenge and burden to bear

With only one exception: she ain’t doin no damn software

She’s calm through the storm and calm through the battle

Then frantically runs out the door to do the skedaddle

Of course, this crazy woman can be imperfect with flaws

She has no idea how to slow down or how to press pause

Where are her glasses? Where are her keys?

And why is the thermostat set on 50 degrees!?

But we love her anyway, this wonderful Crazy Lady

Her whole focus is love – especially her grandbabies

She is now raising her grands as her own

Thankful for her village, she is never alone

She has been through the valleys time and time again

Always declaring, “Thy will be done” and “Amen!”

She has been through life’s storms but continues to pray

She gets on her knees and says, “Hallelujah anyway!”

But here she sits on this quiet Christmas night

And just for a moment, she begins to feel fright

“Will anyone read this love letter book?”

Will anyone understand the courage it took?

She stopped herself there, not giving into fear.

This is her life, her dream, her ship to steer.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes

Refusing to listen to doubt or the lies

She envisions her book flying off the shelves

Then readers spreading love and joy themselves

She pauses in gratitude for the people around her

For all the encouragement and love to surround her

We love this beautiful lady, crazy as a bed bug

The lady we have to bend down to hug

She gives us all joy and something to believe in

While all she is doing is trying to get even.

  ~ Lacey Maxwell



Thank you Lou Columbus for the great photos!

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