Latest Beach Show 30A Features Vacation Rental Expert

Jim Dixon is an accomplished Realtor at Beachy Beach 30A Real Estate, but he is most known for his success in the Vacation Rental Industry.  Jim is owner of 30A Escapes, a luxury vacation rental company specializing in the 30A area.

Jim Dixon, not only runs a great vacation rental business, his know how has helped his buyers make smart investments as he can use his experience in the business to educate them on which properties are HOT and which are not.

Jim, cites “The Ultimate Beach House” as a prime example of a property that was built with the 30A vacation rental guest in mind. Because of this type of planning, the home’s owner will receive a higher return on their investment.

Jim Dixon also gives other tips to help increase vacation rental income, such as making sure there is a pool available for guests, having a private pool has the potential to increase the vacation rental income by 50,000 dollars!

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