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Let Kindness rise!!!!

Beachy Beach March Love Note

(Originally published March 26, 2018)

I was thinking about kindness and its impact on all of us. As I was thinking it hit me. I HAVE A HAPPY HEART NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS BEEN KIND TO ME BUT RATHER THAT I HAVE BEEN KIND.

I read a book many years ago, Called the four Agreements and in one of the agreements…. and I paraphrase it stated, “what you think of me is none of my business” For me that means that it is not so important how someone treats us since we have no control over that but we have absolute control of how we treat others.

I know it may be tempting to believe that we should treat people in the same way we are treated and I totally do not believe that is true. If we go around dishing out the same unkindness shown to us then we have a whole world of folks getting back at each other.

Easter is upon us and whether you are a Christian and celebrate or not it is a time of great renewal and remembrance of sacrifice and love and unmeasurable kindness. I was thinking also that is so easy to be kind to those that are kind to us but the measure of deep and abiding love is when we can be kind and tolerant of those that are NOT.

I have come to believe that my happiness is proportional to the love that I give out, not the love I receive, not the kindness that I find but the kindness that I show, not the money I get but the money I share, not the good thoughts I keep but the ones I share with others, not the joy that I keep but the joy that i lavishly spread to others.

In my prayer and meditation of late I have cried out for God to show me more of what I am to do. Anytime I think that the world is not giving me what I need I have to ask myself what am I giving to it? What am I sharing? It is my prayer that this Easter I remember all the loving kindness that I have enjoyed as a gracious gift that I surely can not keep to myself. It is also my prayer that we all pause and think on those that have done us wrong and find a way to show them the kindness way of life!!! And in doing so we may help them turn around and make this world a more joyous and happy place!!! Let Kindness rise in your heart and your world this season.

Happy joyous life giving Easter to you!!!

I love love love you and thank you for allowing me to do so with all of my heart!!!



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