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Love One Another…

Beachy Beach July Love Note

(Originally published July 17, 2018)

Love One Another – John 13:34

Dear BB’s,

The bible verse, Love one Another is my favorite one. If we get that one right I think we can get it all right. Loving each other at all times and in all ways is kind of the point of the whole thing on this planet. The more love we give the more love gets spread around and the more we get to bask in.

My sweet husband and family have been the recipient of such love. Sometimes love notes are written and sometimes they are in action form. My family is experiencing love in action as well as words of affirmation and prayers of encouragement.
Today while I was tending to things I would rather have skipped this lifetime a beautiful group of women were in my home, cleaning and cooking and organizing and just plain making a beautiful environment for me. They did not ask what they could do they just did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Lordy, you should see my pantry!! Sitting here after a challenging day I am looking around and it is fresh and new and smells lovely too. Don’t tell the kids but we may have thrown out some toys.

Our yard has been make beautiful by precious humans who have grabbed shovels, flowers and lawn mowers and weed eaters and edgers too!!! I see beauty all around me and that makes me feel life and energy and hope all because all of you are doing just what Christ commanded…. Loving One Another and loving me especially.

I am so thankful for all the sweet text, cards with amazing gift cards in them so that we may fuel our family with healthy life giving food. The food that you have brought and prepared for us and done with such love is so welcome. The level of generosity and love has been endless.

I adore you!!!!


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