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Loving our way through life!!!

Beachy Beach June Love Note

(Originally published June 19, 2018)

Dear BB’s,


The past month I have pondered the power of love more deeply than ever before and I am reminded that my life is about spreading and finding love in all things. I was speaking to a friend today and told her that there were somethings that I wanted to change but I was not willing to fight about it but rather I let it go and concentrate on all that was right with my life. I felt that if I let go and let God so to speak it would work itself out!! Well it did and I am grateful and it made me think on this truth that I know.

“INSTEAD OF FIGHTING MY WAY THROUGH LIFE, JUST LOVE MY WAY THROUGH IT.” If I love my way through life then everyone’s a winner but if I fight there is always a winner and a loser.
I may have imparted this story to you before but it is so important as a turning point in my career and life that I will share a snippet of it again. I had a Real Estate deal go way wrong ( I know that never happens to you), and another agent swooped in and took a really large deal away from me. It was a large sum of money at a time of my life where there was little money and much need for said money. First of all, I was crushed in my spirit that someone would do that and next I had to decide how I would handle it. Would I rare back and bow up and fight and demand what was rightfully mine? Or would I let it go and be grateful for what I did have and know that if a blessing has my name on it no one can take it away?

I decided to love my way through it and concentrate on things I could change and continued to work diligently with a grateful heart. Very soon after that my business and life exploded and it seemed that I could not turn a corner without running into a blessing. I truly believe had I chosen to fight, that I would spend the rest of my life fighting for what I thought was rightfully mine and I would have missed all the amazing gifts that have gracefully come my way. I would have missed out on loving people that want to go the same direction I want to go. I would have missed the greater picture and that is to LOVE always and in all things and at ALL times. I really can not think of an instance that is not worthy of my love. The beauty is you can not give it all away, it always bounces back.

Do you notice that loving people want to hang together? Have you also noticed that people with a bad attitude and a fighting stance also like to hang together? I am thankful that I hang with a big community of loving people.

Today let it be our mantra to leave footprints of kindness wherever we go and if we do our path and the path of others will be easier to travel. Thanks to all of you who are loving me through this life!!!
You are all so precious to me!!!!!!!!!!!
Karen Smith


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