Worry NEVER climbed a hill or paid a bill…

Beachy Beach February Love Note

(Originally published February 20, 2018)

“Worry never climbed a hill
Worry never paid a bill
Worry never dried a tear
Worry never calmed a fear
Worry never darned a heel
Worry never cooked a meal
Worry never led a horse to water
Worry never done a thing you’d think it oughta.”
― Jo Petty, Apples of Gold

Dear BB’s,

I so remember reading this and hearing my mom recite it when I was a young girl. I think I realized at quite a young age that worry was not an emotion that I wanted to flirt with. I realized that it really never got anyone anywhere at anytime but why oh why do we at times engage in worry and anxiety?

Tonight as I was thinking about what I could share with all you sweeties and I was thinking on somethings that were causing me a slight anxiety…. Not a big thunder rumble, but just under the surface. And Lo and behold I go to my happy library and I find a book by Max Lucado and in it I read: “Anxiety and fear are cousins but not twins. Fear sees a threat. Anxiety imagines one.” WOW, BINGO!! That really summed it up.

What is funny about us humans today, we have MORE than we have ever had, more conveniences, more food, more friends, more vacations, more, more more and we are still missing something that keeps us from worry. The thing about worry besides it is AWFUL and non-productive, it robs us of today and the now and all the things that are right in our world. It strips us of our creative, problem solving power, it prevents us from finding the solutions.

I have a little trick that I do when I even feel a tinge of worry or anxiety coming on I look up and reach for all the things I know in my heart to be true. GRATITUDE is you aminition against worry!!! I think on what is good, what is pure, what is decent, what is kind. When I fill my heart and head with good and joyful things, when I concentrate on the antithesis of worry which is gratitude it is hard to keep a worry state of mind. Basically I crowd the worry and anxiety out with goodness!! I think on all the people that are kind to me. I think of all the abundance that I have, the food that I eat, the friends that I love. I remember that I don’t go hungry, I remember that my needs are always met, that a solution is always there especially when I open my heart and mind to all the wonder that is all around me. Before I realize it I am not only NOT worried or NOT anxious but I am smiling and filled with thankfulness and I know that whatever happens in life I am equipped to not only deal with it but learn and grow from it.

I am so thankful that you allow me to share all of me with all of you. It is my hope that my words to you are not just words but they will resonate and help you have a more love filled, joy filled, hopeful and happy life. You have certainly added a level of joy and peace to mine.

Love love love you!!!!


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