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What Expenses Do I Have When Selling My Home?

When you are selling a home in Bay County, it is customary for the seller to pay the documentary stamps on the deed (.007 of the purchase price) and all costs related to the Owner’s Title policy. An estimate will be provided for you. If you have owned the home less than 3 years, there will be a small credit on the title policy. It is customary in Walton County for the buyer to pay for the cost of the documentary stamps on the deed.

What Commission Do I Pay & Why?

Our commission structure is 6% total, and we share 50/50 with anyone who brings a buyer. It is important to us to be enticing to other Realtors. We spend much of our advertising dollars not just in reaching the general public but our fellows Realtors as well. Sometimes they are our best customers. We at Beachy Beach pride ourselves on having a great relationship with all other companies.

When Do I Vacate The Property?

Unless otherwise noted on a contract, you are expected to be out upon closing. New owners typically do a walk-through either the day before or the day of closing. Once all parties have signed, the seller is expected to have vacated.

What Are Some Things That Will Make My Home Easier to Sell?

Curb Appeal is so important, and price is equally important. The first 30 days on the market are the best time to make a GREAT first impression. Clearing clutter, putting away personal photos, and making sure your home is bright and smelling fresh all play a vital role in selling your home.

Making your home easy to show with short notice allows for agents and buyers who are riding around and decide your home would be a good fit to view the property. Please note that price and short showing notice will exponentially increase buyer traffic.

When Does My Sign Go Up?

Our professional Beachy Beach blue signs are easily recognized all over the community. In the State of Florida, we are required to pull a dig ticket and wait for it to clear before posting the sign. This takes approximately 3-5 business days. If you wish, we may put up a temporary sign until the post sign can legally go up.

What if I Have a Security Camera?

As a courtesy to the brokerage, please inform us of any security systems including cameras. We take precautions such as putting a supra electronic box so we can monitor who has access to your property.  While we understand the need for security measures, we also want to foster an inviting experience for the buyer as well as the agents.

How Do I Prepare for Professional Photos?

We only have one shot to make a great first impression. Since you are planning to move anyways, now would be a good time to go ahead and start boxing up your personal items such as photos, trinkets, knick-knacks, and collections. We want the buyer to envision the property as “their home” and having a clean slate helps achieve this goal. Making sure the grass is cut and the weeds are clear will greatly improve the quality of the photos.

The day the photos will be taken, we will come to your property to help you prepare. Clear, clean counters and spaces photograph the best.

I Have a Contract. What’s Next?

The buyer will perform an inspection, and if it is an AS IS contract, they may walk for any reason. If it is a standard contract, the repairs are negotiated depending on the terms of the contract.

The Seller is expected to allow for any and all inspections as long as the buyers leave the home in the condition they found it. We pay special attention to all timelines associated with your closing and will keep you up to date as well.

The Seller is expected to repair all warrant-able issues with a licensed expert. An appraisal will be done if there is a loan involved. Many times we price the home in consideration of what we know to be the best price close to appraisal value.

What Types of Marketing Does Beachy Beach Do That Others May Not?

Beachy Beach has our very own Beach Show on YouTube that reaches over 20,000+ customers, and to date, we are still the only company that has done this since 2008!

We spend over $300,000 annually on general branding as well as charities in the community so that you see our Beachy Beach Blue everywhere!

We have our own magazine, The Beachy Beach Home Tour, that is published with over 10,000 copies distributed to over 150 locations.

We still use print advertising, especially when it is attached to internet exposure. We assure that we are on at least 8 out of 12 covers of Homes & Land magazine every year, and we purchased the banner ad on the website to give maximum exposure to your home.

We have our own app that can be accessed via phone or email.

We have 3 boutique locations, and we are known for our teamwork.

We have received national recognition for our creative use of our brand.

When possible, we believe strongly in open houses and have training each month to assure our agents are the best in this area. Beachy Beach has become known as the most vital at training new agents as well as keeping our agents current. We have our own in-house trainer and coach.

We use professional photography and videos and drone shots on all of our homes.

Our social media exposure is beyond all other companies, and we have also received ADDY awards for our website as well as our business cards and general branding.

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