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Why List Your Property with Beachy Beach?


We List Your Property on Both CPAR & ECAR


Listing properties on both area Association of Realtors® means a bigger chance that your property will be seen. Not only by buyers searching online but Agents looking for properties to show buyers.


Professional Lawn Signs


You can feel rest assured that choosing Beachy Beach to sell your home means that corners won’t be cut and even details such as your lawn sign has had great consideration in quality and branding so that your home for sale stands out above others nearby.

Professional Photography


Our Broker, Karen Smith is extrememly adament about Beachy Beach Agents using professional photography for Beachy Beach listings. It can make all the difference in the world when a buyer is searching availabilities and comparing favorites online.
Using Professional Photography:
• Makes a Great First Impression
•Increases Views
•More easily captures attention of potential buyers
•Proven to Mazimize Sale Price
•Makes your property stand out
•Beats the competition of those cutting corners at the expense of professional photography

Online Marketing + Social Media Pressence & Promotions


At Beachy Beach, we understand the value of online marketing and use it to its fullest extent in marketing new listings. We spend a lot of time increasing the potential of our website which is now averaging 30,000 page views monthly and ranks first place nationally in terms such as “Panama City Beach Realtors” and “Panama City Beach Real Estate Companies”. We also have an ongoing ad budget to put towards all new listings to market on Social Media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest & Twitter), as well as advertising through ListHub, Homes & Land, and our very own production of “The Beach Show” which highlights featured listings on a regular basis. Know that listing your property with Beachy Beach means your listing will get a very wide reach online.
• Well Optimized Website www.BeachyBeach.com
• The Beach Show
• Homes & Land
• ListHub
• Social Media Marketing



Open Houses


Beachy Beach believes in having Open Houses! Every weekend we host several Open Houses which are not only promoted in ECAR and CPAR, but also on our website as well as through Social Media promotions. We not only want to list your home. We want it sold as quick as possible.

Charitable/ Community Events


Beachy Beach Believes in giving back. Our Broker, Karen Smith, is extremely committed to giving back to our community and we are and have been very active in a number of charitiable causes. She strongly believes, “The only people we have to get even with are those who have helped us”.  Some of the Charities we have helped through sponsorships and/or volunteer efforts are as follows:
• Beach Care Services
•Humane Society of Bay County
• The Arc of the Bay
•Children’s Advocacy Center
•Girls, Inc.
•Seaside School
•Guardian Ad Litem
•And many, many, others.




At Beachy Beach, we haven’t forgottent the effectiveness of Print. We dedicate a significant portion of our budget toward advertising listings in Homes & Land Magazine and even produce our own exlusive Home Tour magazine with 40k copies, distributed to over 130 locations.



Event Marketing


In addition to being heavily involved in sponsoring charitable events, we also see a valuable place in sponsoring community events. Gulf Coast Jam, Thunder Beach, FPRA events, Chamber of Commerce events are of a few that you’ll see the Beach Beach Brand involved in helping promote.


Branding & Swag


We spend a lot of money annually on branding in an effort of being top of mind when a buyer decides to explore home ownership.  We sure have fun with it as well.



Experienced & Friendly Team


At Beachy Beach, our agents are dedicated to providing the best service around to both buyers and sellers. Not only do we have many of years experience on our team, we pride ourselves in having the friendliest team around so that your experience is filled with less stress and more joy.
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